When we talk about Pele, but the largest organ in the body (important to know all this, and obviously that is composed of three layers epidermis, dermis and hypodermis), we also talk about skin types and care of them … You know your skin?


NORMAL SKIN – Lisa, good elasticity, perfect movement, balanced moisturizer, normal secretion, has ostia (holes) is not noticeable, no blemishes or excess hair.

DRY SKIN – Sensitive, thin, opaque, has peeling, pores are few visible, has little elasticity, a high chance of premature aging.

OILY SKIN – hypertensive action of the sebaceous glands, excess moisture, pores, shiny, or can not make blackheads and pimples.

MIXED SKIN – Oily and visible pores around the nose, forehead and chin (the T). On the sides and around the eyes may be normal or dry.

And the care of her, you know how to take care of your skin? in the next post we continue this conversation …


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